Andras + Attila

Attila and Andras make an exciting designer duo as their ideas mesh together perfectly and their collaboration goes back decades.

Their partnership started in college where both of them studied fashion and costume design. They teamed up at the very beginning of their studies and carved out their own aesthetic niche, which propelled them to win various international design awards. The stream of national and international acknowledgements led to the 2004 founding of their own brand UseUnused, which became a bespoke clothing label for women at home and abroad securing them various collaborations with Warner Bros., Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Lenovo and DC comics.They even designed the enduring and internationally recognized sports attire for Hungary’s 2016 Olympic team. After nearly two decades of designing women’s fashion, they decided to shutter their brand and focus on costume design for indie and big-budget Hollywood films.

As partners, Attila and Andras complement one another.

They design costumes for a diverse range of movies including offbeat indie films, period dramas, but their favorite assignments include creating looks for sci-fi and fantasy projects featuring intergalactic superheroes. They like to work on films that are highly conceptual, require new references and offer a tinge of escapism to the viewer. They work with a wide range of fabrics and often choose materials that are deemed difficult to handle and require technical expertise.Their boundary pushing vision helps to turn intangible ideas into tangible ones, hence surprising directors.